Secure Key


Designed for safe storage and easy handling of keys.

These units are specifically designed to safely store keys with a choice of 3 different size units. They come with digital locking and anchoring holes on the back for easy installation.


Features & Benefits  

• Ideal for safe and secure storage of keys
• Convenient and easy to use
• Adjustable numbered key racks
• Control access to fleet cars or other sensitive areas of the business.


Solid 3mm steel construction.

Internal Layout

Numbered adjustable key racks.

Locking System

The door is secured by a dual user high quality EDL digital lock.


KC64 Available in cream. 

*Other colours can be imported

KC100 Available in cream.

KC200 Available in cream.  




Safe Features & Benefits

• Safe and secure storage of media devices
• Adjustable shelf/shelves
• Large storage capacity
• Control access to business data and personal information
• Store laptops and external hard drives.


Steel lining enclosing a barrier of styronite fire resistant material.


Pressed steel construction enclosing a barrier of styronite fire resistant material. The door opens 180º to facilitate easy removal of the door for delivery or replacement.


The door is secured to the body by moving bolts at the top, bottom and opening side and also by fixed bolts on the hinge side. When the door is open the moving bolts remain retracted and automatically lock when the door is closed on most models. Automatic bolt action prevents damage to the boltwork and cabinet, and enables speedy locking in case of emergency.


The door is secured by a dual user high quality EDL digital lock.

Internal fittings

Adjustable shelves and trays are supplied with each safe (see table).


Leathertone painted finish.

Fire Tests

Fire Resistant and impact tested and certified.

KSG 4500, P-SITS – Korean Standards

Association (KSA).

90P, 120P, NT Fire 017 –

Swedish National Testing

Available in


KC64 364 344 135 64 12
KC100 555 430 179 100 23
KC200 555 430 179 200 26

Locking System: digital – Installation: Mounting holes with wood screws supplied – User Manual: Provided

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